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Originally Posted by EagleAce
Fortunately I caught it before it did any damage to the engine; just the bearings failed on the turbo. It could've come apart and trashed the engine with debris!

That's obviously quite important... and it saved a bunch of time.

Another GREAT thing about this truck is the APU is plumbed into the truck's cooling system so it cycles coolant through the engine to keep the block warm.

Yup, and of course it charges the batteries as it works.

I stayed at the Petro; the TA has too many 'vermin' (lot lizards, panhandlers, hitchhikers, etc...)

Hmm... Didn't notice riff-raff at the T/A, but then, I was there with my gal and had little time to notice much else. Besides, we weren't there for days, just a day here and there. The only bummer we really noticed was the lot needing major repairs. It was ROUGH, like so many others.

I did a load swap in a "no name" truck stop 8 times over the week plus before Christmas. There were pot holes in that place big enough to bottom out any truck passing through. They actually put up iron bars(rebar) with orange flags on them to warn drivers of the worst spots. It may have been the worst I've ever stopped in, but that was the 1/2 way point, so we dealt with it.
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