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Originally Posted by 20#GSX
that's fucking disgusting i hope you know you probably killed about 10,000 ground squirells while idleing you dumb fuck.

Hell, I've ran over more of the little bastards on the road!! And I haven't idled since AUGUST, you dumbass shit-fer-brains wannabe RICER!! I have NO NEED to idle this truck as it has an AUXILIARY POWER UNIT! you know, a small engine that uses a FRACTION of the fuel that the main engine uses, to run an a/c compressor and an alternator! Hell, the APU on this truck can even outrun your POS!!

I did a load swap in a "no name" truck stop 8 times over the week plus before Christmas. There were pot holes in that place big enough to bottom out any truck passing through. They actually put up iron bars(rebar) with orange flags on them to warn drivers of the worst spots. It may have been the worst I've ever stopped in, but that was the 1/2 way point, so we dealt with it.

Yikes! where was this??
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