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Originally posted by EvilLS1
Bahumbug.. GM still has the Z06 (and regular C5) which is without a doubt THE best looking and best performing vehicle this side of 50k dollars. And rather than building a comfy little ponycar for the masses they gave us performance freaks the FBody which kicked the crap out of Ford's Mustang for the last ten years (in performance, not sales). Ford didn't give you guys anything to crow about for over a decade yet you remained loyal to them.. And Dodge? Shit they're JUST NOW starting to get with the program. GM has only been without the FBody for a few months.. They'll bring the Camaro back on a different platform or give us something to replace it soon enough. So give a little credit where credit is due!

they have owned the past years...

but now its a different story IMO.

Credit given, but Ford is making good steps forward...i think they deserve some credit too!
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