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Default Happy birthday to me... oh and to the USA

Hey you bunch of bastards, it's my yearly visit to MMC! Betcha all missed me... but I keep coming back like a dose of genital herpes Three years on from a BIG heart attack and I am convinced my mum was right when she said "only the good die young"

Remember your responsibilities this July 4... one for the country and one for me, repeat until laying on the floor in a pool of your own vomit. Failure to do so will render you unfit for The Pit.

Have a fabulous July 4 my US/Canadian (and a few Aussie) MMC friends.

PS: this is what I am doing now days... ...anyone in Chicago, I'm trying to organise a trip over to RiotFest this September. If I do, I'd love to catch up and share a few of those watery drinks you softcocks call "beer" over there
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