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list should go

1) Ford
2) Dodge
3) GM

IMO, Ford is setting the pace by coming up with sweet new concepts (05 Stangs, the GT, new Lightning, 429, ect)

Dodge is holding their own and starting to get in with thier SXT / SRT models... including the 14sec Neon (even though it looks awful)

GM is just sucking canal water good new designs coming out and they just got rid of their only two cars with a good heritage still remaining... now they bring out supercharged V6 Impalas/Monte carlos which is a slap in the face to the V8's of the past... the SSR which looks like an overgrown dodge neon pickup truck for some reason, and the lazy ass design on the GTO just ruined it for them.

Ford is taking chances, and is #1

*let the flame wars begin*
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