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Default Buying/repairing totalled F150?

So, a friend had her 1998 F150 totaled last week and a friend and I are considering the possibility of grabbing it to work on and have some fun with. It's a 2wd regular cab manual V6, was well cared for as far as I know, though has some wear and tear...and then obviously the wreck.

I went by and looked at the truck earlier in person and took some pics. It was behind a fence so I couldn't get a great look at it, but I took some pics. She was hit on the front driver's corner going forty by an Isuzu Rodeo that pulled out in front of her as they were turning left across her lane. Obviously all the suspension/steering on that corner along with the fender would need replacing, but I'm hoping that the engine and transmission is still fine. The next issue would be the chassis, is it twisted or not. My friend and I have been looking for a vehicle to just goof off with, no express purpose for it, just be stupid, go off roading, kinda just to tear up, fix, learn with, and have fun with. So, a twisted chassis to a degree might not be a deal breaker, but for practicality reasons it would need to be street driven some, so I guess it can't just be all out of whack. But a funky stance and uneven tire wear wouldn't be a huge problem, either.

So, I'm trying to judge how much work this would be, how much money in parts, how many tools, how much time (while in school), how difficult it would be, etc. I'm not great and experienced with tools, but have a pretty good common sense with it and wouldn't be having to rush to use it for transportation, so I could take my time and learn on it. Also since it's not intended to be a dd and have to look nice, we'd have the freedom to learn through some trial and error instead of having to get everything square and perfect.

So, I guess my point is I'd love to hear some input from those who know better than I what exactly is involved here, what I'm up against, and how much I should be willing to spend on it. I'm thinking if I can get the truck for $200 - $300, and then I've been looking at www.rockauto.com for the replacement parts, so another ~$500 in parts. Not sure what to expect for tools; I have jackstands and basic wrenches, ratchets, sockets, etc.

Any input you can provide on the matter would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is a link to a photobucket album of pictures I took of it from outside the lot:
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