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Mr. P's 1984 Porsche 944 
This 1984 944 was my first Porsche, and I still have it. It's the second year of the "real" Porsche motor in the 944, the 924 series previously having a modified Audi plant. I found it for sale at a gas station in Nashville with 135,000 miles on it, and after looking at it for a while I thought "that might be fun", and I picked it up for too much money and knew it ($5000), but what the hey. The first thing I did was put a new cam timing belt, new water pump, and all new hoses and drive belts on it for around $1500 and then I drove the piss out of it and had a blast. It's proven to be very durable and reliable. I liked it so well I bought a 928S 5-speed, and then got another 944 (this one was a S2 with 208 hp).

These cars represent a great value for the guy who is interested in a small car that can cling to the road like a spider, and has the engineering integrity that won LeMans 16 times. They can be purchased for relatively low dollars these days, but be prepared to pay the price of maintenance, the timing belts must be replaced every 50,000 miles, and the cost of a clutch job is around $1500. That may be high, but in view of the low initial cost of a used 944, the overall cost is still quite low for what you get.

Large 2.5 litre displacement for a 4-cylinder is smoothed out with two balance shafts. The SOHC injected engine is essentially 1/2 of a 928 V8, putting out 150-hp and running in durable silicon aluminum cylinder bores.

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Author Comment Date
camaross346 nice!!!! 06-14-2005
Mr. P The Porsche 944 was manufactured for the 1982-1991 model years, making its debut in the United States as a 1983 model. The predecessor to the 944 is the 924, and its successor is the 968. The 944 is a front-engined, rear wheel drive, 2+2 seater, with a rear-mounted transmission. This configuration results in near perfect 50-50 weight distribution. Over the years, the 944 was made available in turbocharged and DOHC varieties. Car and Driver 10 Best in 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986! 01-02-2005
Mr. P http://www.924.org/techsection/SuspensionPreparation.htm 01-02-2005

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