New F1 qualifying system – enjoy the silence!

Formula One 2020
Formula One 2020

Mercedes and Ferrari took the first 4 places in Qualifying 3 as expected.

Hamilton 1st on pole position, Rosberg 2nd, Vettel 3rd, and Raikonnen 4th, but what happened today in Melbourne in the last 4 minutes.

Absolutely nothing … What was supposed to be the most exciting racing for the pole, due to new format with limited tyres and engine changes, saw the last four save their tyres for the race versus trying to get a better place on the grid.

Twitter was awash with complaints from TV-viewers on the new format as well from motor journalists. Spectators who had paid substantial money for attending the qualifying session were left feeling cheated.

Critism was mainly around the new format that knocks out the slowest driver every 90 seconds. Formula One management looking to change the format for future races.